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Interested in building my own drag'n'drop file uploader using JQuery/AJAX/PHP.

Basically I want a file-uploader that users of my site can just drag the file from their computer into a div I created, and it will then upload the file for them to the selected destination.

I would like to build this from scratch, and not use any plugins so that I can better manipulate the restrictions (file types, size, destination folders, etc.)

Have scoured google with no luck, only plugins. Can anyway steer me in the right direction?

UPDATE Ok, so I figured out how to do what I want. Just set the file input field opacity to 1 so it is hidden, and you can still drag a file into that general area and if you hit the text field it will catch it. HOWEVER, I would like to know how to increase the height/width on the file input field (tried basic css on the file, but it only increases the 'browse' button size and not the actual field where you can drop the file into. Any ideas how to do this? I basically want a big square div that says 'Drop file here'. So I need to resize the input field.

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I think that only browsers which support HTML5 can allow you to do this. I'm not 100% sure though. –  JesseBuesking Dec 2 '11 at 22:25
You can do some pretty cool things with drag-n-drop using native javascript, such as dragging a hosted image(from a website) and dropping it on a div that has a drop event, then getting the path to the image and creating an image element with that path as it's source. However, dragging an image from you desktop is another thing entirely and will more than likely be blocked. –  Kevin B Dec 2 '11 at 22:29

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Have a look at this site : http://base64img.com

It features a dropzone for dropping files made only with javascript/html5.

The javascript is pretty straight forward, below with some comments :

    var dropzone;  
            dropzone = document.getElementById("dropzone");  
            dropzone.addEventListener("dragenter", dragin, false);
            dropzone.addEventListener("dragleave", dragout, false);
            dropzone.addEventListener("dragover", b64.stopProp, false);
            dropzone.addEventListener("drop", drop, false);  

    function drop(e) {
        b64.stopProp(e);                              //custom preventdefault function
        handleFiles("dropped", e.dataTransfer.files); //function to handle the dropped file

    function dragin(e) {  //function for drag into element, just turns the bix X white
        if ($("#previmg img").length) {
            $("#previBG, #bigassx, #pretext").addClass("dragged");

    function dragout(e) { //function for dragging out of element                         
        if ($("#previBG").hasClass("dragged")) {
            $("#previBG, #bigassx, #pretext").removeClass("dragged"); 

The entire script file for that site can be seen here, to see how files are handled, and how it all works : http://base64img.com/base64.js

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See this https://github.com/andreyknupp/Draggable--jQuery-UI/blob/master/index.html It's an example to my Brazil friend, but you can see the code, and try to get progress.

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Not sure if you gave me the right link, but that was pretty useless.. –  James Hickman Dec 2 '11 at 22:32
just wanted to show how to do drag and drop ^.^ –  user862010 Dec 2 '11 at 22:34

For those interested, I found this tutorial/demo to be helpful: http://www.viget.com/inspire/custom-file-inputs-with-a-bit-of-jquery/

Basically uses a <span> to cover the default input field.

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