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@usersfound = User.find_by_sql(["

SELECT * from users where name @@ plainto_tsquery('english', ?) LIMIT 20 offset ?


See above, is this safe from sql injection? I am very new to doing direct sql commands on a database in rails. (I am aware there may be other ways of doing this SPECIFIC query, but I am wondering if in general, using find_by_sql and that kind of insertion of vars is safe - I have some difficult queries with subselects and joins that are really possible to do with ActiveRecord.


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Yes, that should be safe. If you trace through the code you'll find that your find_by_sql call ends up calling PGconn#send_query_prepared with the bind parameters being carried along as little more than baggage; the send_query_prepared method is just a wrapper for the PQsendQueryPrepared API call in libpq:

static VALUE
pgconn_send_query_prepared(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self)
    /* ... bunch of boiler plate marshalling stuff ... */
    result = PQsendQueryPrepared(conn, StringValuePtr(name), nParams, 
        (const char * const *)paramValues, paramLengths, paramFormats, 
    /* ... */

The bind parameters end up in paramValues. So you should be fine unless there are bugs in PostgreSQL's C library prepared statement handling.

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Inserting dynamic values into a query using query parameters is safe.

But it depends on whether Rails is "faking" query parameters, and is actually combining @query and @offset into the SQL string before preparing the statement. Then it's only as safe as the implementation of escaping in Rails.

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