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Firs off, thanks for reading! A bit of a non-technical query for all you javascripters out there. Here's my situation. I've been in Front-End development now four years full time. But for different reasons javascript hasn't been in the priorities that I've been asked to do. Don't get me wrong I've developed dozens of websites and I've used my own snippets of javaScript and used also many Jquery plugins. But I think it's time to really learn and be able to do something better than the meaningless stuff that I usually do with this great language.

The problem is that I think it's quite overwhelming to study this language properly, I just don't know which approach I should give it. I keep reading books but either I feel that I already know some stuff or I feel completely clueles...

I know you're going to say, stop writing stupid questions and go on cracking them books. You are right but I do think you folks could give me some advice and some tips on how did you manage to master the language, what was that you find the hardest, what would you tell a beginner to focus on... believe me this is useful stuff for me and hopefully it is also for someone else out there.

Thanks a lot folks!

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On a side note, this questions isn't appropriate for this site. However, after learning one language it is really quite simple to learn another (given a similar paradigm, i.e., imperative to functional is still touch, even for a vet). It sounds like you are more a UI/HTML/CSS guy who has copied some javascript from the web before and maybe tweaked it a bit to suit your needs. So, you need to learn how to program because you haven't done it yet. It takes time, read, practice, write a crap-ton of code and some months later you'll feel comfortable with it. Ten years later you'll be a master – Ed S. Dec 2 '11 at 22:54
See also… – Paul D. Waite Dec 2 '11 at 22:57
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I'm newbie, too. I really like "Head First: JavaScript". I truly understand what is written inside. I find this article (The Best Way to Learn JavaScript) in Nettuts+ useful for peope like us.

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