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Did Microsoft port MSCOMCTL.OCX to 64-bit?

I don't have it installed and I can't find it for download or find anything saying that it doesn't exist.

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This is a VB6 control. VB6 isn't really supported on 64-bit Windows, in fact Microsoft dropped all support for it back in 2005 but it may still work. Here's the download link. Some people have had some success getting it installed. It needs to go in the windows/syswow64 folder. Best of luck.

BTW, it is a 32-bit control so you won't be able to use it for an 64-bit application.


Oops, gave the wrong link. That was the vb6 runtime. Here's the common controls. You'll have to extract and register them manually. Use any cab file extractor.

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OCX is COM bassed. But COM don't have 64-bit implementation.

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