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Assuming that I have following situation:

I have an array like this:

$array = array(1 => "text1",2 => "text2", 3 => "Text3" , 4 => "Text4");

After some functions I receive a string which contains these values:

$string = "2,1,4,3"; // this values are dynamic 

What I want to achieve is to sort that array ($array) in the string's order; so the result should be:

<--- some function --- > 
$result = array(2 => "text2",1=> "text1",4=>"Text4",3=>"Text3"));
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Please don't tell me you are getting these dynamic values from a database. – NullUserException Dec 2 '11 at 23:40
no , this are randomly received by custom function .. thanks – Webdesign7 London Dec 3 '11 at 11:37
$keyArr = explode(',', $string);
$sortedArr = array();

foreach ($keyArr as $key)
    $sortedArr[$key] = $array[$key];
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thanks , this works – Webdesign7 London Dec 3 '11 at 11:40

PHP's array_multisort() function -

Untested, but probably something like:

array_multisort(explode(",", $string), $array);

Keys may get lost though.

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  1. Break up the string into indexes with explode
  2. Make an empty array $result
  3. Iterate over the exploded array of keys, doing $result[$key] = $input[$key]

See it in action.

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