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I am using AdoNetAppender (SQL server) in my asp.net application and would like use to RollingFileAppender incase of any connection issue with SQL. Is there any way to configure to use RollingFileAppender only when there is an issue with AdoNetAppender?



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There is no built in support for this kind of failover scenario in log4net, the problem being that appenders are quite isolated from each other in the log4net architecture.

A common setup though is to have both appenders logging in parallel, only that the file appender only keeps, say, a weeks worth of data. Should the AdoNetAppender fail you will always have the latest data in files.

But I definitively see the case here for an appender that could have a priority list of sub-appenders doing some simple failover in case of failure. This should not be too hard to implement either building on the AppenderSkeleton.

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Thanks Peter for your valuable time and great explantion. I will look at AppenderSkeletton. –  porhills May 8 '09 at 17:02

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