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I am using Illustrator CS2 and CS3 and remember watching somebody in a video reset the size of the text box to fit the text with a keyboard shortcut. Any idea how to do this?
Ex. If you create a text box, fill it with some text but the box is much bigger than needed, I want a shortcut that removes the extra size of the text box to fit the text. Possible? Thanks

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Are you doing this in the Flash IDE, or are you trying to program this in Actionscript?

In Flash IDE, create a new text area, and give it an instance name -- I will call it textField1. Set the text type to "Dynamic Text". Create a new layer, and click on the very first frame of that layer. Switch to the "Actions" panel (Window | Actions), and type in the following code:

// Autosize the TextField called textField1, and align to LEFT.
textField1.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;

Note that this only works if the text box is a "Dynamic Text" type (does not work on "Static Text" or "Input Text" -- those methods for autosizing are different).

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