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In general, what needs to be done to convert a 16 bit Windows program to Win32? The application is used to be serial communication with a driver. I have known how to use the DLL file of the driver. Then what is the next step? I hope to hear some useful information, not copied from other website.

The code in question is C++


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those involve alot of calculating? replace your ints to shorts? –  esskar Dec 2 '11 at 23:39

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If the app is using a driver to access a serial port, then drop the driver altogether. In Win32, you can use the standard Win32 API CreateFile(), ReadFile(), and WriteFile() functions to read/write data over a serial port, and various SetComm...() functions (SetCommState(), SetCommTimeouts(), SetCommMask(), etc) to configure the port settings. Refer to MSDN for more details:

Serial Communications

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