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I'm working on a little css/javascript toy where sliders give the user control over the css properties of elements on the screen. I was thinking that there might be a way in jQuery to extract the current styles of an element - I know that I can access them independently by doing something like


But it would be great if I could get at all of the styles applied to an object in one fell swoop. Possible? (Dumb idea?)

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It's definitely possible, have you tried any of the answers, yet? – David Thomas Dec 3 '11 at 9:51
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If it's inline CSS, you could use this:


And to go above and beyond:

var str   = $("#element").attr("style");
var style = str.split(";");


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You can get the currently set inline styles for an element like this:


Of course you'd have to parse that yourself.

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Given the hypothetical mark-up:

<span id="test">Some content of 'test'</span>
<pre id="css"></pre>

It's certainly possible, though apparently quite tortuous:

var $elem = $('#test');
var styles = document.getElementById('test').style;
var prop;

for(var i=0;i<styles.length;i++){
    prop = $elem[0].style[styles[i]];
    console.log(styles[i] + ': ' + prop);

JS Fiddle demo.

Revised and (slightly) refined version of the above:


var elem = document.getElementById('test');
var styles = document.getElementById('test').style;
var prop;

if (styles.length){
    for(var i=0;i<styles.length;i++){
        prop =[styles[i]];
        $('<li />').text(styles[i] + ': ' + prop + ';').appendTo('#css ul');

JS Fiddle demo.

The above essentially parses the in-line styles of the element, since that's where jQuery (and JavaScript as a whole) makes its effects known. It is possible to access the window.getComputedStyle(), but that seems a little more than you'd need, since so far as I can tell you want to show the CSS created by the tools on your page.

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