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I'm using Fbgraph with my rails application.

I'm not able to call search on my FBUser object.

My error is undefined method search' for#

and my code is

<%= @user.facebook.search('a') %>

I'm also trying

<%= @user.facebook.fetch.search('a') %>

The @user is an authenticated user and I can make other calls that work


<% @user.facebook.fetch.home(:q => 'The Grand Social').each do |f| %>

but that call only searches the feed. I'm hoping to search only the authenticated users status updates. It should be

<% @user.facebook.fetch.posts(:q => 'The Grand Social').each do |f| %>

but that returns nothing.

Documentation says that I should be able to use it ---

FbGraph::User.search('fb_graph', :access_token => ACCESS_TOKEN)

any ideas?


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Provide code please. Also, you know you need to register your app with Facebook to get your access token, right? –  varatis Dec 2 '11 at 23:56

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Look at this guy's tutorial to set up fb_graph:


Then, you should be able to make calls like:

user = FbGraph::User.fetch('dylandrop');

Note that for most calls, however, you need to be given access to the information, i.e., people need to add your app.

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