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I upgraded my phone and would now like to begin breaking my old one.

I went and pulled the Android Source and and synced it. All was swell. Next up was to run:

I think this went ok; nothing was displayed so I assume no errors occurred. Now I'm stuck on `lunch'. What do I have to do here? The docs say to

Choose which target to build with lunch. The exact configuration can be passed as an argument, e.g.

by running

lunch full-eng

I did this, but it tells me full-eng doesn't exist. So I tried just lunch and get

No such file: /home/andrew/.lunchrc.

What do I have to do to get this to build? Did I fail to download the appropriate resources?

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First a control question, when you said you ran, you really meant source build/ right? If not, that is likely the cause of your problems.

If that doesn't solve your problem, that is probably because another lunch (in your case it looks like is invoked. Try uninstalling the other lunch or at least remove it from your PATH to ensure that it is lunch from Android that is run.

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Once I setup my build environment, I used

 source build/

Without anything behind, it will give you a list to choose from.

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Just remove linux package python-launch and re-run

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