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i have extract this from the book called

Rhomobile Beginner's Guide Abhishek Nalwaya Published Jul 2011

on page 18 it says:

Add JAVA_HOME and JAVA_HOME/bin in your environment variable, PATH. To add this in PATH click on Environment Variables in Advanced Tab of System Property. Select Path in System variables and add JAVA_HOME and JAVA_HOME/bin to textbox and click Ok.

my question what should be the value?

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It will let you and other applications run Java tools without having to type the whole path.

I disagree about adding JAVA_HOME; I only have JAVA_HOME/bin in my PATH.

Tomcat requires that JAVA_HOME be set properly in order to operate; so do some other Java EE app servers. (I believe WebLogic needs it.)

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The value should be the install directory for your JRE or JDK,

Browse your 'program files' folder for a java folder, should look something like:


There will be a directory called bin inside it.

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