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I am making a 2d platformer and am producing the map maker. So far, I have my java project splitting an image of tiles into 100 seperate images, and putting them in buttons (tile[]). When one of these buttons is clicked, it fires the MouseListener:

public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e) {
    for(int i = 0; i <= 99; i++) {
    ((JComponent) e.getSource()).setBackground(;

Now, I need to know if there is a JComponent that can make this easy for me, I want to be able to click in a canvas or something, and start drawing the map (24x24 pixel grids). How would I go about doing this? If you need more code or me to explain better please ask.

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Use a JToggleButton as shown in Swing JToolbarButton pressing.

Obviously this will require 2 images for each map 'tile' location. The first is the map tile for that part of the map, the second is a black image that can be reused for every tile.

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+1 You can tile a full image using getSubimage(), shown here. – trashgod Dec 3 '11 at 3:57
I didnt use getSubImage() to cut, instead I used CropImageFilter(), does it matter? Or are they both efficient enough? – Qasim Dec 5 '11 at 2:14
@trashgod Huh.. to be honest, that is the first time I've heard of CropImageFilter. My 'learn item' of the day. Why don't you run some quick tests and report back? BTW - I notified trashgod on this comment though most of it was directed to Qasim. The reason being I doubt the former would have been notified, and they were the one clever enough to suggest getSubImage(). ;) – Andrew Thompson Dec 5 '11 at 3:41
BTW - congrats on achieving a working example. Whether efficient or otherwise. :-) – Andrew Thompson Dec 5 '11 at 3:42
@trashgod Ehh (shrugs) it seems like either could do the job, and unless it became a performance issue, I would not even bother to test which is more efficient. – Andrew Thompson Dec 5 '11 at 7:11

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