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When I open two very small MVC 3 partial view file (*.vbhtml) in Visual Studio 2010 Express SP1, I get a "Syntax Error." with no Line or Column defined. Visual Studio does not tell me what's wrong with these partial view.


Anybody knows how I can debug this? I cleaned and rebuilt the project. I restarted Visual Studio.

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Either change @<option... to @:<option..., <text><option...</text> or remove the @. Razor should be able to figure out that this is text.

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Solution 1 (@:) fails with "Syntax errors". Solution 2 (<text>) and 3 (remove the @) fails with two new errors "Keyword is not valid as an identifier" and "Identifier expected." – Malartre Dec 5 '11 at 2:05

Why not use available html helpers to generate the dropdown list:

@ModelType IEnumerable(Of CarlText2.Tag)
    New SelectList(Model.Select(Function(x) New With {.TagID = x.TagID, .Text = x.TagID + " " + x.Text}), "TagID", "Text"),
    New With {.id = "doc-selected-titletag"})

and by the way you should be using a view model in which you will directly have a property Text containing the preformated text you want to show in each option.

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This is great, but I still have the syntax error with no line or column. – Malartre Dec 5 '11 at 2:18

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