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I have a Word document with captions on tables, and the tables have cheat sheet values. How to create a macro that detects all tables (ActiveDocument.GetCrossReferenceItems(Referencetype:="Table")), and transfer the tables into a new document? The MS Word documencation nor the autocomplete were helping.

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This procedure copies all tables from the active document and pastes into a new document:

Sub CopyAllTablesToNewDoc()

    Dim docSource As Document
    Dim docDest As Document
    Dim tbl As Table

    Set docSource = ActiveDocument
    Set docDest = Documents.Add

    For Each tbl In docSource.Tables
    Next tbl

End Sub

Note: it does not copy the table captions.

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I'm going to tell you a secret. docx files are essentially renamed zip files with some xml mixed in to handle asset placement.

I've never tried to handle it myself, but with enough poking around with zip and xml you should find what you need.

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