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It's a peculiar thing in .NET; References to dlls must sometimes be added for a project to compile but intellisense seems fine without them. Even resharper doesn't detect any errors. For instance, I just had to go through and references to System.Web even though nothing on my project called it directly. Is this because a reference might be referencing it? Should it just copy the dll and handle it on its own? What am I missing?

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Tends to happen when your target framework is client profile. –  canon Dec 3 '11 at 4:40

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Look closely - from what I usually see, only part of it appears. I believe this is because the namespace is defined in a referenced DLL, but only part of it is implemented, in a way - the parts implemented in the DLL. An assembly is not the same as a namespace, and it will contain only what it needs to function. I think you'll find it impossible to, say, load XML documents through System.Xml without a reference to System.Xml.dll.

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