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My REST service project was started up by using Hibernate. I use id (Long) in domain class as part of the identifier in rest url, for example:

http://abc.com/customer-50, where 50 is the Long id.

The Hibernate Annotated class is as below:

public class Customer {
private Long id;

Now I need to migrate our design to Mongodb. The natural choice is using Morphia, which is an entity framework.

Problem: In Morphia, the id field is ObjectId

@Id private ObjectId id;

This will cause problem because: 1. It is not auto-increment, i.e. http://abc.com/customer-50, http://abc.com/customer-51, http://abc.com/customer-52.

Now it become http://abc.com/customer-4d1b4687a6d5437619000000

  1. I will need to change all the reference classes from long to objectId.

  2. Is it possible to keep the original design (which uses Long id, instead of ObjectId)?


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One issue with using this method is that you will require an extra round-trip to the server whenever you need to create a new Entity. It will impact concurrency and throughput of your system. It might be noticeable but there is a cost... just keep that in mind. –  Scott Hernandez Dec 11 '11 at 16:10

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