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Does solr allow updating specific field rather than indexing entire document.

I know solr 1.4 doesn't.

Has this been implemented in newer versions?

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Nope. Solr doesn't allow updating a specific field.
You would need to update the document again with all the existing values and the changed values.
The Update basically is delete and add of the document.

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Not the correct answer anymore. SOLR 4.0 supports the partial updates you are talking about. See http://solr.pl/en/2012/07/09/solr-4-0-partial-documents-update/

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that right, I did it like you said, but I have other questions, if my schema.xml file not defined the primary key, I want to update documents by conditions, I throw a exception, it can not update fields by conditions? –  bright Sep 2 '13 at 9:19
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