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I want to add background music to my App.

Questions are:

  1. Where can I get free-license music, which I can use in my app without notify anybody?

  2. Is there a special step for the uploading process? Do I need to attach a license copy of the music to somewhere for Apple review team?


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Yep, also try DanoSongs and Incompetech for creative commons music which are used in lots of apps.

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you can find lots of music free for commercial use if you search for those licensed under creative commons. usually you just have to give credit to the creator(s) of the original work somewhere in your app and your ok. but sometimes they have certain requirements, so be sure to read the full terms of use for every song you choose.

i personally use these two sites for free music/sounds for apps: and

that should take care of your first question, not really sure what you are asking in your second question.

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hi Ricky,Thanks. For the second question, I mean "Does Apple care whether I am using the song legally or not? If I am using a song that is not free-licensed for commercial use, will it affect Apple's approval on my App?" – Cullen SUN Dec 3 '11 at 16:52
i don't think you'll have to worry about the apple app approval process in this situation but it's apple we're talking about here so you never know. i would just play it safe and use content free for commercial use and avoid app rejection by apple or even worst being sued by the original creator of the content and what ever other parties that may be involved. – RickyTheCoder Dec 5 '11 at 9:45

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