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In my localhost url, am getting all the values which is being passed to the other page are getting displayed in the url.

I dont want it to display the values which are passing,

for example


am using window.location.href to pass the values to other page, i think that is the reason its getting added to the url. Is there any other way to pass the values other than window.location.href ? or is there any other way to pass.

Is it possible to make the url not to display the values ?

I just want the url to display as below


How can i do this ?

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You can do this pretty simply using jQuery and an HTTP request:

   url: 'credit.php',
   type: 'POST',
   data: { prod: 'sdfsdf-12', prodID: 6 },
   success: function (data, status) {
       // Handle successful request
   error: function (xhr, status, err) {
       // Handle request failure

In this case, data is an object containing all the information you want to pass over to the given url. In your .php file you can access this information using:

$_POST["prod"], $_POST["prodID"], etc.
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The tool you are using is called the GET-method to pass variables trough a URI! Another method you can use is the POST-method, which uses html forms (still visible in the source code). For information about those two HTTP request methods, look here or use Google!

The next best method would be using a php session, where (when used properly) users won't be able to see the variables directly!

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