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I need a rule for url that will be displayed like this Instead of the id number i want to display the post name or title.

My config looks like this:

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you need to have a rule that looks like this


This just tells the app to forward requests that start with a post/post_title to the post controller's actionView where $_GET['title'] is set to post_title...

Hope that helps.

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in default, Yii only retreive the post id, if you want to display the post title, you need to access the DB your self in a custom Url class rules. there is an example in the yii tutorial called using-custom-url-rule-classes

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It's simple rule

'post/<post_title:\w+>' => 'post/view'

If need url like this

'post/<post_title:[-\w]+>' => 'post/view'

And you need a controller action with $post_title argument

public function actionView($post_title) {
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