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The underlying HTML for my drop down has a chance of changing and I was trying to set it up using the .live option rather than the .change option. it does not work for me.

What I currently have is:

$("#ItemsPerPage").change(function(e) { return updatePaging(); });

Unfortuantely, if I update this control via $.ajax it loses the event definition. What I tried, and is not working, is:

$("#ItemsPerPage").live("change", function(e) { return updatePaging(); });

Any thoughts?

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Instead of rebinding the <select> every time, you're better off just swapping its contents (the list of <option> elements) instead.

So use this as you already are:

$("#ItemsPerPage").change(function(e) { return updatePaging(); });

but when you update it, just swap out its contents ( where newSelectElement is the new <select> element):

function updateItemsPerPage( newSelectElement ) {
    $("#ItemsPerPage").empty().append( newSelectElement.childNodes );

This way, the binding won't need to be refreshed because the node itself isn't swapped.

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To elaborate on samiz's suggestion, you would need to do something like this:

$(function() {

function bind_items_per_page() {
    $("#ItemsPerPage").unbind('change').bind('change',function() { 

function updatePaging() {
    $.post('/some/script',{foo:'bar',bar:'foo'},function(data) {
        /* what ever you need to do */
        // And assuming what ever you did above changed your select box...
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The change event is not supported by live(). How about running a function at the end of every AJAX call that reassigns the event definition?

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