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The following files:


are routed as

administrator/dashboard/ (for invariant culture)
administrator/welcome/ (for invariant culture)



The information from site map is loaded into a tree control.


A user chooses French as desired language from a list control, which is saved in session.


How to reflect the change in the navigation (tree control)?


I am in the middle of InitializeCulture() event in base page class. I could have used Response.Redirect and perform an ugly find and replace to tree's databind event, but that must not be a proper way to do so.

Comments are more than appreciated.

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Good question. Sitemaps and url rewrite (routing) doesn't play well.

[1] implement a method which can take page path as argument and returns correct url rewritten path:

GetUrl('/Admin/Dashboard.aspx') which will return you the string url, based on the url params and invariant culture etc.

[2] in sitemap use normal urls. /Admin/Dashboard.aspx

[3] when you bind tree, you need to use GetUrl method to update your urls.

Same way if you are using sitemappaths, that will also be handled in same way.

That's how I am doing in most of the projects I have.

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