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Duplicate of How to delete duplicate records in mysql database?

   id  |  name   |      link
    1     bla     www.google.com
    2     lal     www.stackoverflow.com
    3     afs     www.google.com
    4     sds     www.microsoft.com

In my database there some rows with same link. I want to delete one of that rows with the same link.

Such as, in my example I want to delete the row with the id = 3 but I want to keep id = 1.

How can I do this?

by the way there are 5840 rows. and I don't know which are the same. I need a code to compare them

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may you get solution here stackoverflow.com/questions/659906/… –  Sonal Khunt Dec 3 '11 at 11:14

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trick is to keep latest value with comparing ids

DELETE FROM table_name t1, table_name t2 WHERE t1.name = t2.name and t1.link = t2.link and t1.id < t2.id

It's just and idea, this is a fully functional example on my oracle environment (I haven't use db few weeks, so I'm trying to minimalize the query right now, sorry)

SQL> select * from dup;

    ID    STH       STH2
---------- ---------- ----------
     1     45         45
     2     45         56
     3     45         45
     4     14         56
     5     14         56

DELETE FROM dup where id in (SELECT DISTINCT t1.id FROM dup t1, dup t2 WHERE t1.sth = t2.sth and t1.sth2 = t2.sth2 and t1.id < t2.id);

SQL> select * from dup;

    ID    STH       STH2
---------- ---------- ----------
     2     45         56
     3     45         45
     5     14         56
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well, for SQL you'll have to specify which one to keep, usually. Settle for example for the first id. Then you can do a

select min(id), link from TABLE group by link

and then delete all those where the link doesn't match the minimum id. Should be a single (albeit nested) SQL statement.

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If you know the URL, but not the ID, but know you only want to delete one, you could use a limit.

DELETE FROM `table` WHERE `link` = 'www.google.com' LIMIT 1

Or if you know the name and link, then use them together.

DELETE FROM `table` WHERE `name` = 'afs' AND `link` = 'www.google.com'
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You could select the first occurence of e.g. google.com, then get the ID (as e.g. first_ID) of the first google.com entry and delete everything that came after this id

DELETE FROM table where id > first_ID AND link like 'www.google.com'

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Not tested but I think this is gonna work

$query="SELECT * FROM tablename"; 

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result) { $query1="SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE link = '".$row[2]."'"; $result1=mysql_query($query1); $count = mysql_num_rows($result1); mysql_query("DELETE FROM tablename WHERE link='".$row[2]."' LIMIT 1,$count"); echo "deleted $row[1]
"; }

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Ok I've set this up as a seperate answer and deleted my other one

First, Select all the Distinct links in the table


Then, using PHP, loop over each row returned and apply the SQL below to the links retirved.

   //Selects Ids whose value is more than the 1st occurence
   SELECT id 
   FROM table 
             link = 'CURRENT_LINK' 
         AND id > ( // Check this isn't the first occurence
                      SELECT MIN( id ) 
                      FROM table
                      WHERE link = 'CURRENT_LINK'
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