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I have been given an assignment like this:

I will have a selection screen input box where user enters date and an other input box where he enters number of months.

I have to do is add the given number of months to date and get the new date.

Example: If entered date is 2/3/2011 and given number of months are 5 i should get 7/3/2011.

I know that system date variable 'SY-DATUM' has application server date. And to do date manipulation i can say SY-DATUM + 2.i can only add days,how should i add months.

Please give me a head start.Thanks.

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An easy way to add a number of months to a date is to use the MONTH_PLUS_DETERMINE function module.

Use something like:

data: mydate type sy-datum.
mydate = sy-datum.

call function 'MONTH_PLUS_DETERMINE'
  MONTHS  = 5
  OLDDATE = mydate
  NEWDATE = mydate.

(MONTHS can be negative if you want to subtract.)

There are a lot of other helper functions for date and time calculations. Useful ABAP Function Modules on the SDN Wiki is a good place to go when you're looking for things like that.

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Thanks for the reply.Is there a way to do it without function modules..because im still new..i still have'nt covered function modules. –  Abap newbie Dec 3 '11 at 12:29
Well now's the time to learn about calling them. Don't re-invent the wheel. Date/time calcs are tricky. (Although in this specific case, you might be able get away with adding 5 to the month part of a date variable.) –  Mat Dec 3 '11 at 12:32

@Mat gave the correct answer. If you want to do it without a function module (whatever your reason may be) and following your example in your question, you can approach your problem like so:

data: lv_month type i;
lv_month = sy-datum+4(2).
sy-datum+4(2) = lv_month + 5.
// Check if months are > 12, if so, subtract 12 and increase sy-datum+0(4). Remember to loop if the input can be greater than 12 months.

As @Mat mentioned, don't reinvent the wheel. The approach above isn't pretty and function modules get you to your destination faster.

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Simply pass months and date to below FM to get new date.

                  MONTHS  = LV_MONTH " pass months to add
                  OLDDATE = LV_DATE "pass date here
                  NEWDATE = LV_NEWDATE. "get new date
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