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After map and before reduce, there is a sort phase. In streaming mode, how does hadoop know what you key type is, and sort it.

For example

Input file format

1990    1
1991    4
1992    5

The result of map has keys 1990,1991,1992..., how hadoop sorts it? (numberic sort or alphabetical sort)

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In the StreamJob, the map output key/value pairs are specified as

  idResolver.getOutputReaderClass(), OutputReader.class);

Unless, stream.map.output property is set to rawbytes or typedbytes, the map output key/value are set as Text.class in IdentifierResolver#resolve.


In the Text.java, Comparator subclass extends WritableComparator and implements compare method which does compare in Lexicographic order (dictionary or alphabetical order).

Check the StreamJob, IdentifierResolver and Text classes.

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