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I am trying to get the anchorOffset of text selected by the user in A UIWebView. I have a short Javascript function (below) that is called when the user selects text and chooses an option from a custom contextual menu.

function textPosition()
    var text = window.getSelection();
    var x = text.anchorOffset;
    return x;

I have a simple paragraph displayed in the UIWebView starting with:

This is a test sentence

Everything works as expected if I select a whole words... eg. if I select This the function returns 0, if I select sentence the function returns 15.

However if I move the handles on the selected text in the UIWebView the anchorOffset is different than expected. Eg. Selecting portions in the order as follows in the first word , this returns the following:

his returns 4

hi returns 1

Thi returns 3

Furthermore this is different depending on the order that I change the selection:

This returns 0

Thi returns 0

hi returns 3

It appears that the anchorOffset is different depending on from which end of the selection I alter the selection.

My questions are:

  1. Am I making an obvious mistake?
  2. Is this expected behaviour?
  3. Is there something I can do to make the result consistent?

Thank you!

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I now understand what I was doing wrong. It came from my misunderstanding of what an anchor actually is. I thought the anchorOffset referred to the the first part of a selection geographically but actually it relates to where the moused button was initially pressed (obviously not on a touch screen). The focusOffset relates to where the mouse button was released.

A nicer explanation can be found here:

mozilla developer site

With regard to a UIWebView an initial selection will place the anchor geographically at the start of the selected range and the focus at the end. However each time a selection handle is moved it becomes the focus and the other handle becomes the anchor.

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