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Is it possible to specify a decimal for a step parameter within the range element? According to a few articles I've read, including one on Nettuts, this should be possible. This does not appear to be working in any browsers. I've tried Chrome, Safari, and mobile Safari. Am I misunderstanding simple here, or is this just not supported quite yet?

 <input id='something' type='range' min='0' max='20' step='.25' value='5' />
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Check out this demo it is possible to give steps in decimal . Your mistake take is that you gave .25 instead of 0.25.

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The following works for me in chrome, I'm thinking that it's the shortcut step=".25" that won't work

 <input id="something" type="range" min="0" max="0" step ="0.25" value="5" />
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If you want to make it work in Firefox 4+, you can use the following: HTML5Slider

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