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I want to convert my uploaded video with ffmpeg, but I had few error. I use paperclip and ffmpeg but nothing happen. The structure of my application is one post has_many videos.

this my video model :

belongs_to :event
validates_attachment_presence :source
has_attached_file :source

after_create :convert_in_flv, :set_new_filename

def convert_in_flv
  flv = File.join(File.dirname(source.path), "#{id}.flv")
  system("ffmpeg -i #{source.path} -ar 22050 -ab 32 -s 480x360 -vcodec flv -r 25 -qscale 8 -f flv -y #{flv}")

def set_new_filename
  update_attribute(:source_file_name, "#{id}.flv")

and this my video controller

def create
  @event = Event.find(params[:event_id])
  @video = @event.videos.create(params[:video])
  redirect_to event_path(@event)

def destroy
  @event = Event.find(params[:event_id])
  @video = @event.videos.find(params[:id])
  redirect_to event_path(@event)

The video is successful upload but not converted. You had any solution ?

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Nodoby had idea to resolve ? –  Atu Dec 5 '11 at 11:04

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I just replaced ffmpeg ... with /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg ... and it's working.

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