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I'm trying to learn panda 3d, but I'm getting this error

importerror no module named direct.showbase.showbase

I'm using the latest versions of panda 3d 1.7.2, python 2.7 on windows xp, how to fix the error?

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Panda 3D on Windows comes with a special version of python that is preconfigured to work correctly with Panda, that python is run with ppython.

Otherwise you need to add the Panda libraries to your Python path from the Panda install. There is a file called panda3d.pth which has the python path necessary, and you can copy that file to C:\[Python Version]\Lib\site-packages.

I don't know what Panda3d's version of python is, but you will need to be running that if you don't want to use ppython.

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i try using ppython didn't work and as i explained on the other question i have no file called pyhon.ph –  Someone Like You Dec 3 '11 at 21:15
Update: ppython is now legacy: "ppython.exe is identical to python.exe. It makes no difference which one you use. It exists only for historical reasons." –  pydave Mar 15 '13 at 15:06

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