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I am using Infinispan with jgroups in java. I want to get all the cache names in an infinispan cache cluster. I have tried using DefaultCacheManager.getCacheNames(); but it gives only caches which are accessed on that the jvm from which it is called from and not all the caches in that cluster.

Once i access a cache on that jvm, it becomes available and the it starts coming in the cachelist which i get from DefaultCacheManager.getCacheNames();

I am using the same config file for infinispan and jgroups(using tcp).

Please suggest a way by which I can get all the cache names in a cluster.

Thanks, Ankur

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Hmmm, normally you'll have all caches defined cluster wide, so getting the cache names in a node is good enough to know the caches that are available cluster wide.

This doesn't seem to be your case though, so the easiest thing I can think of is to do a Map/Reduce functionality in Infinispan to retrieve the cache names from individual nodes in the cluster and then collate them.

For more info, see and

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