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I have got the following code from virtuemart (joomla extension) component. The script was under a particular function and use to show "product type" information from database. If you go through with the code below you will see the code is querying database and then displaying data as a table. When I run the script the table looks very plain and simple . I want to have the table look something like the table in the image I have posted below.

I have tried to add some CSS for the table in the very page where I got the code from, but when I open the page its layout gets changed and look ugly. So I have to add or make any change I have to do in the following code.

I don't have good knowledge on PHP & CSS, Would you please kindly help me make some necessary changes/adds to make the following table look like the table in the image I have posted below?

Thanks in Advance

$html .= "<br />\n<table width=\"100%\" cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" border=\"1\">\n";
$html .= "<tr><td colspan=\"2\"><strong>".$VM_LANG->_('PHPSHOP_PRODUCT_TYPE_PARAMETERS_IN_CATEGORY').   ": ".$dbag->f("product_type_name")."</strong></td></tr>\n";

        // SELECT parameter value of product
        $q2  = "SELECT * FROM #__{vm}_product_type_".$dbag->f("product_type_id");
        $q2 .= " WHERE product_id='$product_id'";

        // SELECT parameter of Product Type
        $dba->query($q.$dbag->f("product_type_id")." ORDER BY parameter_list_order");
        while ($dba->next_record()) {
            if ($i++ % 2) {
            } else {
            $html .= "<tr class=\"$bgcolor\" height=\"18\">\n";
            $html .= "<td width=\"30%\">".$dba->f("parameter_label");
            $parameter_description = $dba->f("parameter_description");
            if (!empty($parameter_description)) {
                $html .= "&nbsp;";
                $html .= vmToolTip($parameter_description, $VM_LANG->_('PHPSHOP_PRODUCT_TYPE_PARAMETER_FORM_DESCRIPTION'));
            $html .= "</td>\n<td>";
            $html .= $dbp->f($dba->f("parameter_name"))." ".$dba->f("parameter_unit")."</td></tr>\n";
        $html .= "</table>\n";
    return $html;

The Table Image

enter image description here

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you should go through this tutorial for styling table with css.

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First of all I'm really recommend you to learn PHP and HTML. And I'm sorry for my grammar errors. It's because I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Check out this webpage to learn PHP, HTML, and CSS:

In your example $html .= "blabla" means add blabla to the variable $html. This PHP script makesa table that should be perfect when it comes to the HTML. You have to change however is the CSS. Here you can change the colorsAnd the style and the text fonts size and so on. With the information you have given until now I really can't help you.

So I recommend you learning CSS, letting the source code you get when you run the webpage and make the table yourself. Because CSS doesn't take long to learn, and it takes even less time to learn how to edit an already existing CSS document.

Have a look here for CSS:

Have a look here for tables in CSS:

Good luck! :)

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