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I want to have access in javascript to my c++ function with google v8 engine and return result according arguments giving in my javascript function.

My javascript function is as follow:

var result = MyFc(

I used

global->Set(v8::String::New("myFc"), v8::FunctionTemplate::New(MyFc));

v8::Handle<v8::Value> MyFc(const v8::Arguments& args) {
  obj = args[0]->...
  if( obj->stringData != 'abc' ){
  if( obj->numberData != 123 ){
  if( obj->arrData[2] != 3 ){
  if( obj->objData->b == false ){
  if( obj->callback !='abc' ){

My question is how to parse arguments object in c++ v8? I want to access to all key values of the object in arguments, values can be an number, string, array, anonymous function or object.

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Use type checking methods of v8::Value (IsBoolean(), IsArray(), IsObject() etc) and then v8::Handle<T>::Cast(v8::Handle<S>) to cast args[i] values to corresponding types.

Your code should look like this:

if (args[0]->IsArray()) {
    Handle<Array> array = Handle<Array>::Cast(arg[0]);
    for (int i = 0; i < array->Length(); i++) {
if (args[1]->IsObject()) {
    Handle<Object> object = Handle<Object>::Cast(args[i]);
    Handle<Value> fieldValue = object->Get(String::New("a"));
    Handle<Value> callback = object->Get(String::New("callback"));
    if (callback->IsFunction()) {
        Handle<Function> fn = Handle<Function>::Cast(callback);
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How to check a callback function? –  Darm Dec 23 '11 at 14:36
Modified example to include check whether "callback" is a function. –  ezhi Dec 23 '11 at 21:09
Thanks for your update. –  Darm Dec 23 '11 at 22:26
FWIW, This solution didn't work for me, but the one from the following question did stackoverflow.com/questions/11707167/… –  Jayesh Feb 10 '13 at 22:36
is it a problem if one of the object keys aren't there? Does it automatically check for that or should we do a Object->Has("key") type of check? –  Logan Mar 2 '13 at 2:42


This method only works up to Node JS version 0.8. As of August 19, 2013 v8 juice project is being abandoned due to the degree of incompatible changes in the core v8 made during the first half of of 2013.

Working on updating the code aponxi/npm-execxi to interpret JavaScript variables in C++ without using cvv8 library.

This is how I handle arguments. I hope this helps someone!

Full script is from execxi.cpp at aponxi/npm-execxi

Note: I'm using v8::juice to convert from JS to C++

#include <node/node.h>
#include <v8.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <cstdio>

#include <cvv8/convert.hpp>

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <sstream>
#include <set>
namespace cv = cvv8;
using namespace v8;

Handle<Value> executeArray(const Arguments& args) {
    HandleScope scope;

// here I define default options in c++
// later we will parse options that come from js
// and convert values to C++ values, and replace
// these default options with the one provided
// for the sace of example I just copy pasted one
// option here:

    // OPTIONS

    // Chained (bool)
    //   If a command doesn't exit with 0 then we won't run the next command
    //   default: true
    bool Chained = true;

// there is code here that checks if first arguments is passed
// and handles that argument
// the second argument is options, as if 
// "myfunction("arg1", {chained: false})"
// comes from javascript.
// This part below checks if there are two arguments
// since passing options is totally optional.
// we begin by checking if two arguments are passed:

if (args.Length() == 2)
      if (args[1]->IsObject())
        // you must be passing options...
        // it must be an object

        Handle<Object> opt = Handle<Object>::Cast(args[1]);

        if (opt->Has(String::New("chained"))) {
          // you passed chained option
          if ((opt->Get(String::New("chained"))->IsBoolean())){
            // the chained option must be bool
            Handle<Value> _chained = opt->Get(String::New("chained"));
            Chained = cv::CastFromJS<bool>(_chained);

          } else {
            // chained is not bool, throw error
            ThrowException(Exception::TypeError(String::New("not bool")));
            return scope.Close(Undefined());
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