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Salvete! In an Nlog coded configuration, how can we filter out one loggers based on its name? I want to log everything to the locallogtarget -except what goes to the richtextmessengertarget. I tried adding a filter, but I must be doing something wrong because the filter doesn't filter anything!

This link was helpful to me, but didn't quite solve it: Having NLog loggers with different configuration

And in the logging class, I have this:

Private MainNlogConfig As New LoggingConfiguration()
Dim locallogtarget As New FileTarget()
Dim labelmessengertarget As New FormControlTarget()
Dim localrule As New LoggingRule("*", LogLevel.Info, locallogtarget)
MainNlogConfig.AddTarget("file", locallogtarget)
MainNlogConfigAddTarget("FormControl", richtextmessengertarget)

With locallogtarget
    .Layout = "${longdate} ${logger} ${message}"
    .FileName = appdir & appName & ".log"
End With
Dim filteringTarget As New FilteringTargetWrapper()
filteringTarget.WrappedTarget = locallogtarget
filteringTarget.Condition = "not equals('${logger}', 'messenger')"
SimpleConfigurator.ConfigureForTargetLogging(filteringTarget, LogLevel.Info)

With richtextmessengertarget
    .Layout = "${message} ${logger}" & vbCrLf
    .FormName = "form_myform"
    .ControlName = "richtext_messenger"
    .Append = True
End With

LogManager.Configuration = MainNlogConfig

To start the messenger, I use this:

Public MessengerLogger = LogManager.GetLogger("messenger")
MessengerLogger.Info("This message should go to richtext control, but not log file.")
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I found this line for a config file, which looks like it might work, but I can't figure out how to get it into code. <logger name="SpammyLogger" minlevel="Debug" writeTo="SpammyFileTarget" final="true" /> It came from here: stackoverflow.com/questions/7995728/… –  BGM Dec 3 '11 at 21:27
I know that I could remove my main logger that logs "", but I DO want to log "" - EXCEPT for the messenger. –  BGM Dec 3 '11 at 21:57

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