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I created a new app and uploaded the binary to iTunes Connect, then tested IAP using the test user account, both on the simulator and on the device. Both worked.

I submitted the final app and it is currently live on the App Store. However, after deleting the development version from my device and downloading my app from the App Store to test IAP, the app immediately receives an "Invalid Product ID:" error.

Once again, the development version worked using the test user account, but live on the store it does not work and returns invalid product ID. Any ideas what this might be? If anyone wants to test this (in case it's just me) the app is called "ContaX" and is free with ads - you don't need to actually buy the upgrade, just see if it crashes after tapping the remove ads option.

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I advise you to wait for 24 hours after your app is approved.

Sometimes it takes more time for the in app purchases to be available in the released application.

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I second this. I just submitted a new app that had an in-app purchase and it took almost 48 hours after the app was in the store before the in-app purchase showed up and worked properly. – Praveen Jul 24 '15 at 9:41

I am also suffering with this issue and my app has rejected two time due to this issue. I went to Apple Developer Forum to get the solution. The problem is might be with Review team's device or environment.

Here is the link of full thread: https://devforums.apple.com/thread/233371 I think it will work for you as well.

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Double-check the bundle ID you've submitted the app under and the product IDs you're sending to the app. They have to match.

You may have accidentally submitted an app with a different bundle ID.

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After fighting this problem for a while I realized I was using the "Apple ID" to get the In App Purchases rather than the "Product ID". So, make sure you're using the "Product ID" and NOT the product's "Apple ID"!

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