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What does the ":" mean in the 3-6th lines below?

function displayError(error) {
    var errorTypes = {
        0: "Unknown error",
        1: "Permission denied",
        2: "Position is not available",
        3: "Request timeout"
    var errorMessage = errorTypes[error.code];
    if (error.code == 0 || error.code == 2) {
        errorMessage = errorMessage + " " + error.message;
    var div = document.getElementById("location");
    div.innerHTML = errorMessage;

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You may find Eloquent JavaScript worth reading. Chapter 4 is about data structures. – RightSaidFred Dec 3 '11 at 23:42
@RightSaidFred - Thanks, that looks really good! – Clay Nichols Dec 4 '11 at 17:05
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The variable errorTypes is an object literal. The : separates the object property name (the numbers) from its value. If you are familiar with hash tables in other languages, this structure is a similar concept. Or in PHP, for example, this could be represented as an associative array.

You can do:

var errorTypes = {
    0: "Unknown error",
    1: "Permission denied",
    2: "Position is not available",
    3: "Request timeout"

// Unknown error

// Permission denied

Note that the normal syntax for referencing an object property (using the dot operator) won't work for these numeric properties:

// Won't work for numeric properties
SyntaxError: Unexpected number

// Instead use the [] notation

In this instance, since numeric property names were used, the whole thing could have been defined as an array instead and accessed exactly the same way via the [] notation, but with less syntactic control over the keys.

// As an array with the same numeric keys
var errorTypes = [
    "Unknown error",
    "Permission denied",
    "Position is not available",
    "Request timeout"
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That's how you define key value pairs in an object. So errorTypes.2 would return the string "Position is not available".

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