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I'm trying to match a class attribute using Capybara with RSpec.

I can very clearly see the elements and their classes but no matter what I try, Capybara seems to know nothing about the classes. But it can find id's no problem. Any clues, please? https://gist.github.com/1428472

  visit "/admin/staff?mobile=1"
  page.should have_selector("ul") #works
  page.should have_selector("body#page") #works
  page.should have_selector("html.ui-mobile") #fails
  page.should have_selector("body.ui-mobile-viewport") #fails
  save_and_open_page # this launches the page so I can see it and verify these attributes are indeed there.

The html:

< html class="ui-mobile" >
< body class="ui-mobile-viewport" id="page" >

I also set a breakpoint and did this stuff which also didn't work right.

p find('body')[:id]
p find(:xpath, '//body[@id="page"]')

# doesn't work
p find('body')[:class]
p find(:xpath, '//html[@class="ui-mobile"]')

What's going on?

UPDATE: It turns out that it does actually work, however the problem here is that the html displayed by save_and_open_page differs from what capybara sees. When I break right after save_and_open_page and puts page.html, it's different. It's generally the same but a bunch of class attributes are gone as well as some other stuff. Very odd.

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How is the class attribute being set on the body tag? If it is via Javascript, are you using a Javascript-capable web driver such as Selenium, Webkit, etc? –  Ben Simpson Dec 4 '11 at 2:35
For some reason it was using a different default layout in each. It happened b/c I hadn't created my application.mobile.html layout for mobile. –  99miles Dec 4 '11 at 3:14

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