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I am trying to tap into Prestashop in order to bulk import a lot of product images from a web service.

I want to use adminProducts->addProductImage($object) but I have struggled for hours trying to instantiate that class (or any other class for the matter).

No matter what I do I always get a class 'ObjectModel' not found in xxx.php on line nnn.

I have tried including ObjectModel.php but apparently the base class ObjectModel is not declared in that file. The big problem is that it doesn't seem to be declared anywhere!

So my question is: How do I load ObjectModel in order to satisfy all the other classes it extends?

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This isn't exactly an answer for your question but it should solve your problem. My advice is create with a script a csv file with the id, name and coma separated links to files like this


and use import feature in the backoffice.

It's easier and more reliable.

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Thanks, but that is not an option. The context is data from a SOAP web service that needs to go into the database using a cronjob. – marlar Dec 20 '11 at 9:48

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