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Are there any statistics as to what percentage of servers are running PHP version 5.3+?

2013-02-18: 34% per WordPress | 35% per w3techs | Drupal 8 requires 5.3

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Pretty hard to have to get those kind of statistics.

You can find some here :

PHP : 77.2% 
Version 5 : 72.3% 
Version 5.3: 13.3%, 3 December 2011 
Percentage of websites using PHP

PHP : 77.9%
Version 5 : 74.1%
Version 5.3 : 23.1%, 19 June 2012
Percentage of websites using PHP
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There's a statistic here:

 5.3            |  17.2%      (from 13.3%/0.77)

(It was only 8% in June. So very steadily rising now.)

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