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Why is the following code not rendering the image at an angle. (I want the image to be rendered on an anchored point on the image). I think that it is rotating around the screen. How can I fix this?

public void drawWeapon(Graphics2D g) {
    int iconSize = main.SOutput.iconSize;
    int ePosX =(int) (getPosX() * iconSize 
                - (int) main.player.getPosX() *iconSize)/iconSize;
    int ePosY =(int) (getPosY() * iconSize 
                - (int) main.player.getPosY() *iconSize)/iconSize;

    int PosX = ePosX + (main.SOutput.resX/2)*iconSize 
                + main.SOutput.xPaddingSide;
    int PosY = ePosY + (main.SOutput.resY/2)*iconSize 
                - getImageSizeY()*iconSize;

    if (inventory[0][main.gui.itemSelected] != null){
                 PosX + (facingLeft?0:getImageSizeX() * iconSize/2), PosY +
                 (getImageSizeY() * iconSize/2), getImageSizeX() * iconSize/2,
                 getImageSizeY() * iconSize/3, null);
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You should use this way of working:

  1. Push the matrix
  2. Translate to the point of rotation
  3. Rotate
  4. Render at (0, 0)
  5. Pop matrix

In code, it would be:

AffineTransform matrix = g.getTransform();
g.translate(originX, originY);
g.drawImage(0, 0, ...);

You might also try Graphics2D.rotate(theta, originX, originY);

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