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::selection { background: #000000; color: #ffffff } 

Is resulting in a dark grey selection color, not full black (#000000). Changing opacity makes no difference.

How do I make the selection color appear as #ffffff?

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Works fine for me. Are you sure you're not just looking at your screen from an angle? :) (If not... which browser?) – Ryan O'Hara Dec 4 '11 at 0:52
It might be inheriting opacity from a parent element – Tak Dec 4 '11 at 0:55
The problem is in safari – user852974 Dec 4 '11 at 1:00
@minitech It's dark grey on Chrome 15 on Lion. If you change the foreground color to black you'll see the distinction more clearly: It's completely black on FF 8 though. – David Hu Dec 4 '11 at 1:01
@DavidHu: I tried it on Chrome 16, Windows 7 x64, and it looked dark grey, but then I changed the background and text and it was apparently just an illusion. (Yes, it is very slightly brighter [only visible from a very high angle] but that's probably due to LCD light leakage.) – Ryan O'Hara Dec 4 '11 at 1:04
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This worked for me:

::selection {
   background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.99);
   color: #FFF;
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Thanks! That works on safari on mac os x snow leopard – user852974 Dec 4 '11 at 1:14
Interesting. In Safari for Lion this resulted in a value of (2,2,2) which is better than the (50,50,50) I was seeing otherwise. If you set the background-colour of the parent container to black then the highlight automatically is fully black (0,0,0) as well. – Duncan Babbage Dec 4 '11 at 1:18

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