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I trying to have a javascript function to click all divs that has an id of 'divResults' in my form but apparently it doesn't work, no errors but nothing buldges. Please advice. Thanks.

 <a href="javascript:clickAllDivs()">Expand All</a>  |  <a href="javascript:clickAllDivs()" >Collapse All</a>

JavaScript :

     function clickAllDivs() {
                         var els = document.getElementsByTagName('div');
                         var i = els.length; while (i--)
                             if (els[i].id == 'divResults' ) {
                             //alert("I am in"); //Check if div is eating this function
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Well there are a couple of problems, first, you should have only one element with an id of divResults in your page, ids are unique.

To find an element with a particular id, you can do:

var el = document.getElementById('divResults');

If you want more elements, try using a class, and checking by className in your loop, like:

while (i--) {
if (els[i].className == 'yourClassName' ) {

Second, calling els[i].click(); means that you have setted a property on that element with the name of click and assigned it a function. If you had done that, then the code is right, if not check how are you binding the event, for example if you're doing

document.getElementById('divResults').onclick = function(){};  //bind click event

then you should do


You can also use jQuery for doing this in a really simple way, info here

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You seem to be confused about id.

  • id is unique. There can only be one element with a specific id, which is why your code isn't going to work fundamentally.

You are probably looking for class, not id.

Read this article for more info about the differences between the two.

As for your current error, .click() isn't a native JavaScript function, if I am remembering correctly. Are you using a JavaScript library like jQuery?

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First off, this doesn't make any sense because you're only supposed to have one object in a page with a given ID, yet you're trying to find all the objects with the same ID.

If you really want to find multiple elements, then I'd suggest you use a common class name for the desired elements.

Secondly, the .click() method is not available on div elements in all browsers. For example, it was only implemented for all elements in Firefox in version 5. It would be better to factor your code into a function that operates on the click and then just call the function directly (rather than trying to simulate a click) passing it the desired object.

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You can use the element.dispatchEvent method... but i don't think its supported in all the browsers.

Check this link, element.dispatchEvent

In jquery though you have the trigger method which basically calls all the listers, but does't really perform the click action.

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Try this:

        <script type="text/javascript">
            function clickItem(divObj) { 
                if (divObj.click) { 
                } else if(document.createEvent) { 
                    var evt = document.createEvent("MouseEvents");  
                    evt.initMouseEvent("click", true, true, window,  
                      0, 0, 0, 0, 0, false, false, false, false, 0, null);  
                    var allowDefault = divObj.dispatchEvent(evt);

            function clickAllDivs() {
                var els = document.getElementsByTagName('div');
                var i = els.length;
                while (i--)
                    // you'll need to keep id unique
                    if (els[i].id.indexOf('divResults') == 0) {
                        //alert("I am in"); //Check if div is eating this function
        <a href="javascript:clickAllDivs();">Expand All</a>  |  <a href="javascript:clickAllDivs()" >Collapse All</a>
        <div id="divResults1" onclick="alert('this was clicked through code');">Div to click</div>
        <div id="divResults2" onclick="alert('this was also clicked through code');">Div to click</div>
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