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i'm getting a json response from mongodb, but i can't get this into a twig template. could somebody explain it and show best pratice? thanks.

 * @Route("/event/{id}", name="event_details_view")
 * @Template()
public function viewAction($id)
    $event = $this->get('doctrine.odm.mongodb.document_manager')

    if (!$event) {
        throw $this->createNotFoundException('Event .$id. was not found.');

    return new Response(json_encode($event));
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First of all, you are not getting a JSON response from MongoDB — you are getting an Event document object. If you want to pass it to Twig, instead of returning a response, return an array (since you're using the @Template annotation:

return array('event' => $event);

The object will be accessible in your template as event.

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I'm a little bit confused. if i return the event document as an array to the twig template i'm getting an error: Method "eventTitle" for object "Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\LoggableCursor" does not exist in DungeonEventBundle:Event:view.html.twig at line 4. what's wrong here? :/ –  varg Dec 4 '11 at 15:47
The problem is that $event is not a single document, but a collection of documents. Use find() (or findOneById()) instead of findById(). –  Elnur Abdurrakhimov Dec 4 '11 at 16:26

The best practice describe here would be to use a base.json.twig template, as described here and here, instead of Response(json_encode($data)).

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