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Using the example TableFilterDemo, I'm trying to create a RowFilter in NetBeans, but I can't. I tried the code in JCreator; I need help.

I understand that I do not need to create class MyTableModel extends AbstractTableModel because I already manually did this in NetBeans GUI tools. Now, I face a problem in defining the model with RowSorter.

MyTableModel model = new MyTableModel();
sorter = new TableRowSorter<MyTableModel>(model);
table = new JTable(model);
table.setPreferredScrollableViewportSize(new Dimension(500, 70));

Above is the example, and I change it to this:

private TableRowSorter<javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel> sorter;
/** Creates new form NewJFrame */
public NewJFrame() {
    javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel model = new DefaultTableModel();
    sorter = new TableRowSorter<javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel>(model);
    JTable jTable = new JTable(model);

Is it correct? I can't get this to work. I suspect is the sorter is not added into the table. Which maybe because of defining model part. Please give advice.

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I think it is not nessesary to you create your abstract table model .
you just use defaultModel and use following code


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I supposed you create the JTable in the GUI Builder. You have too add the model to this table and not to a new one you create.

Replace the method with :

public NewJFrame() {
   javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel model = new DefaultTableModel();
   sorter = new TableRowSorter<javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel>(model);

And add the rowsorter from the GUI Builder (will be added in initComponent()):

  • Right click on the JTable -> Properties -> Pane "Code"
  • In Custom Creation code write -> new JTable(model);
  • In Variable name you will see the variable name ([table_name] in following point)
  • In Post Creation Code write -> [table_name].setRowSorter(sorter);
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