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I am trying to use the setFormattedValue() function from the DataTable class to modify the look of the labels across the horizontal axis on a line chart, but the values are not being formatted. The labels remain in their default values created by setValue().

For example, the following code does not produce 00:36:45 on the axis, but rather, just 2205.

var table = new google.visualization.DataTable();

table.addColumn('number', 'time');
table.addColumn('number', 'altitude');

table.setValue(0, 0, 2205);
table.setFormattedValue(0, 0, '00:36:45');
table.setValue(0, 1, 35);

var chart = new google.visualization.LineChart($('chartdiv'));

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Shouldn't setFormattedValue() cause the label to be shown as 00:36:45 instead of 2205?

If this isn't the right way to change the look of the axis labels, then how should it be done? I can't change the column type to string because the plotted line is based on numerical x/y coordinates.

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You said you can't change the column type to string but, can you change it to Date? The axis is showing a number because you declared both columns as number type.

I can't see the relation between 00:36:45 and 2205. Is 2205 a value you get at that time? If you drawed more points in your line chart, you could check if their labels are the formatted value you are setting.

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