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I have created several custom LIKE buttons for different pages of my website. I need to trace back how many daily click / LIKEs for last month.

Is there any APIs/ FB Insights that support display of such statistics / analytic data?

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When the user clicks a like button, in addition to sending the request to Facebook through whatever SDK you are using, you can also send an Ajax request to a page on your own server. This page would contain code to increment a counter of the clicked like button in a database.

For example, let's say you have this code on your page:

function sendToDatabase(id)
{"GET", "handler.php?id="+id, true);
<a onclick="sendToFacebook(); sendToDatabase(;" id="like23">LIKE</a>

Then, the contents of handler.php:

$db = sqlite_open("db.sqlite");
$query = "UPDATE likes SET count=count+1 WHERE id='".$_REQUEST['id']."'";
sqlite_query($db, $query);

This is assuming you are using JavaScript, PHP, SQLite, and you already have a table set up in the SQLite database, "db.sqlite". Your table could be as simple as two columns - id and count.

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