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I'm trying to update an entity using JPA with Google App Engine. I start a transaction, retrieve the entity to update, change a few fields, call persist and commit. Everything is executed without any error, however, the entity is not modified.

Here is the sample code:

EntityTransaction tx = entityManager.getTransaction();
try {
        DomainName domain = entityManager.find(DomainName.class, domainName);
        domain.setExists(body != null);
        domain.setHttpTimeStamp(new Date());
} finally {
        if (tx.isActive()) {

What should I do to persist the entity using JPA?

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No idea what the persist() call is doing, since the object (if found, which you don't tell us) will be in managed state, hence the first update of a field marks the object as dirty, and will be committed on the commit() call. Obviously a simple inspection of the log would tell you what was happening.

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the object is found, I've also stepped through the code, inspected the retrieved object and looked ok, there are not exceptions in the log. –  stivlo Dec 4 '11 at 6:57
I think I got it, I was actually using two different entity managers (wired by Spring in two different objects) and when I wrote the sample code, I simplified it. So in practice you're saying that my sample code is correct and should work. I am going to fix the real program, I am confident that will work then. –  stivlo Dec 4 '11 at 7:02
Ok, great, it works perfectly. Thank you for confirming that what I was doing in the sample code was OK. So the lesson to take home for me, is to use only one EntityManager in a transaction. –  stivlo Dec 4 '11 at 7:11

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