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I wanna to print table of multiple numbers from 0 to 9 in assembly. so I program below code:

data_seg segment
    I DB 0D
    J DB 0D
    R DB ?
    DIVER DB 10D
    data_seg ends

stack_seg segment
    stack_seg ends

code_seg segment
    MAIN proc far
        assume cs:code_seg, ds:data_seg, ss:stack_seg
        MOV AX,data_seg
        MOV DS,AX

            MOV J,0D
            MOV AX,0H
            MOV AL,I
            MUL J
            DIV DIVER 
            MOV R,AH
            ADD AL,48D
            MOV AH,0EH
            INT 10H
            MOV AL,R
            ADD AX,48D
            MOV AH,0EH
            INT 10H

            MOV AX,32D
            MOV AH,0EH
            INT 10H
            INC J 
            MOV AX,0
            MOV AL,J
            SUB AX,10D
            JNZ FOR2
         INC I
         MOV AX,10D
         MOV AH,0EH
         INT 10H
         MOV AX,0
         MOV AL,I
         SUB AX,10D
         JNZ FOR1

        MOV AX,4CH
        INT 21H
        MAIN endp
    code_seg ends
end MAIN

It works correctly,but with a small problem,when I wanna print new line ,and printed something in current line,it will go to new line,but with some space before new line. enter image description here

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You need to print new line and carriage return.

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AS anthony said, Based on your assembler, you need to do a carriage return and line feed to go to next line and place cursor at the beggining of the line. For MASM you can use Call crlf or print values 0dh and 0ah respectively.

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if your using emu80x86 this code should do it

mov dx,13
  mov ah,2
  int 21h  
  mov dx,10
  mov ah,2
  int 21h
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This would print a new line:

1) Add in the data segment:

linefeed db 13, 10, "$"

2) And then use this anywhere you need a new line:

; new line
mov ah, 09
mov dx, offset linefeed
int 21h
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try to put lanes for line return

mov ax, 4c00h ; return to ms-dos
int 21h
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