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Using Selenium WebDriver, I want to handle Facebook authentication and get Access Token with the HtmlUnitDriver, how can i do it?

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a lot of this are functions whose purposes you'll have to infer, but this is a test I wrote of the oauth flow itself:


$oauth_uri = $this->fbURI()
  ->addQueryData('client_id', self::RELL_APP_ID)
  ->addQueryData('redirect_uri', self::RELL_URL);

$code = $this->getURI()->getQueryData('code');
$this->assertNotEmpty($code, 'No code returned in redirect url');

$token_uri = $this->fbURI('graph')
  ->addQueryData('client_id', self::RELL_APP_ID)
  ->addQueryData('client_secret', self::RELL_SECRET)
  ->addQueryData('code', $code)
  ->addQueryData('redirect_uri', self::RELL_URL);
  '/access_token=.+/', $this->source(),
  'No access token returned in source');
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I believe this is at the REST API level using HTTP requests, bypassing Selenium to perform the UI login? –  David Oct 25 '12 at 22:50

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