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Zend_Auth provides an API for authentication and includes concrete authentication adapters for common use case scenarios.

I started working with Zend Framework 2.0 beta1 and I noticed that it doesn't not include the Zend_Auth Module that was provided with Zend Framework 1. any ideas what replaces it? or maybe it was just removed completely and I need to implement something of my own?

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Questions about frameworks in early beta stages are too localized. –  markus Nov 24 '12 at 21:08

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First (just to be clear): everything under library is called a component and not a module. Also, ZF2 is extremely beta so expect things will change often and no backwards compatibility is guaranteed.

Then, the Zend_Auth component has been renamed to Zend\Authentication. The first change is the underscore separation to namespaces, the second change is the renaming of Auth to Authentication. As far as I know, the features from Zend_Auth are all ported over to Zend\Authentication, the new component is also on GitHub.

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